Survey of care provision by Orthoptists

Dear all,

The survey for stroke and visual impairment will close on Friday 22nd August.
To date there have been 89 completed surveys.
A further 149 people have also entered the survey but the vast majority quit either at the introduction page or by Question 3.
I would be grateful for your support in pushing this survey one last time to increase the number of completed surveys.

Thank you again for your help in circulating this survey. I really do appreciate this.
Kind regards,
Dr Fiona Rowe

Survey of care provision by Orthoptists

 Orthoptic care for stroke survivors varies considerably within countries and between countries.This survey will help us identify care pathways involving detection, management and referral options for visual impairment following stroke.
It will provide information in relation to care variations and interventions or tools in use across the different countries and extract information about the characteristics of best practice services.

To generate meaningful answers to these questions it is vitally important that we receive as many responses from as many Orthoptists in different countries as possible.

Please help make this possible by completing this survey. It takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. Please click on this link:

 The whole survey must be completed in one go and cannot be returned to. However, the survey can be left open in the web browser and minimised, but you cannot actually close down the survey and re-click the link to resume later.

 The survey has been approved by the University of Liverpool research ethics committee.

By submitting the completed survey the respondent is providing confirmation that they understand the goals of the survey, are happy to take part, and are happy for their data to be used for research purposes and presented in aggregate form.

 Thank you in advance for your participation.

 Dr Fiona Rowe, University of Liverpool  


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